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AS 73

FAO 700, CRM 115

The hybrid has a taller, firm stalk with very strong roots..
Very large ear, 26 to 29 cm with 14 or 16 rows of deep, healthy and yellow dent kernels.
Picking is easy and "clean" and is performed by pickers and the ear is well preserved in corn cribs.
No grain dispersal if it is late in picking.


Suitable for all regions and producers which harvested and preserved corn in corn cribs.
Hybrid for sowing on the poorest soil and in endures adverse production conditions.
Sowing density in this conditions are 50.000 to 55.000 plants/ha (26 to 28 cm).
The advantages of this hybrid are especially obtained at lower densities than 
50.000 plants/ha when forming a very large ears.